Illumen Made the List! Articulate’s Best of 2016: The Top 10 Most Inspiring Storyline Examples
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At Illumen, we believe all training should engage, educate, and prepare. That is who we are and what we do. We create powerfully educational eLearning modules and solutions.

Always with the goal of increasing learner understanding and performance, we create memorable training solutions that educate, entertain, engage, assess, analyze and prepare – all while staying within your budget. This is what you need and what your learner needs. If you need custom development of learning modules, tools, mobile apps, 3D graphics and instructional animation, we are your go-to eLearning partner.
  • Custom computer-based training (CBT) courses
  • Articulate Presenter, Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora module development
  • Custom HTML, HTML5, and Flash training modules
  • SCORM/AICC/Tin Can API compliance
  • LMS solutions and support
  • Instructional design, script writing, and storyboard development
  • Cross platform/mobile app development (PC/Mac/iOS/Android)
  • Training simulations, games, video, 3D animation & info graphics development
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You may need a training module to teach managers how to manage employees and fill out/interpret paperwork or stay abreast of updated guidelines and procedures, a sales calculator that visually shows cost savings using your product over a competitors, or maybe even a 3D animation of how your product works and outshines the competition. Connect with us to discuss your needs. Some of the types of training we develop for is:

Illumen’s processes are always tailored to your project, although from a high level, they all carry the same requirements. It is important that projects are planned, developed, tested, and run through our quality assurance (QA) processes in the time frame that is required. With the kickoff of each project, the project manager assigned to your project will define a schedule and plan of action that gets your project done on time and on budget with review stages for you along the way.
Starting your project is easy. Give us a call or send us an email today to discuss your project ideas. We are always happy to:

  • Discuss project goals and objectives
  • Prepare a cost quote
  • Discuss RFPs
  • Brainstorm project ideas
  • Answer technical questions

Visit: 820 Davis Street, Suite 520, Evanston, IL – Just north of Downtown Chicago
Call: 847-440-2222


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Custom eLearning Development

You have stories to tell, concepts to explain, processes and compliance that must be understood, and devices and products you need experienced.

Our award winning development team adds energy and engagement to your information which challenges your learner to comprehend, apply knowledge, and increase performance.

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Teach concepts, processes, compliance, device and product details

Enhance learner performance and their ability to apply knowledge

Increase the outreach of your information to a greater audience

Reduce costs of live training, travel, materials, errors, and injury

Illumen’s eLearning Course Services

strategy education design content deploy video 3d translate
Course & Curriculum
Design &
Video &
3D &

Reach Your Audience

With Illumen, you will Increase the outreach of your information to a larger audience, through the devices they use everyday.

Whether it be iPhones, Android tablets, PC, Mac, or even custom solutions, Illumen can provide an eLearning and mLearning roadmap to success.

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…all while reducing costs of lengthy live training, travel, materials, errors, and injury. This paired with Illumen products and templates that are tried and tested, rapid development is increased while your learning per dollar costs are decreased.


Check out our latest projects! Here you can explore each project by reading about the challenges and solutions, looking at project images, watching video demos, or interacting with the actual project by trying it out yourself. We have many more samples from our many years of development. Let us know what you are looking for and we can send a few examples that relate to you!

Making a difference with Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital healthcare workers go above and beyond everyday to provide the best possible care to children in need. However, one of the medical devices they use, the external ventricular drain (EVD), is not in use every day, and it is very important that setup, sanitation, and procedure refresher education is available, so that children get the superb care Le Bonheur is known for.

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From Our Blog

Looking at the eLearning Crystal Ball for 2017!

According to eLearning Industries, there are several trends to look for as we approach 2017. The future of learning definitely lies outside traditional classrooms with eLearning and distance learning gaining increasing momentum. The most notable trends include the following.

  • The Simulation. Once reserved for addressing aviation and health care, is gaining momentum as a game changer for other application training. They have proven effective for sales, safety or any high-risk environment. They can be high tech, or as a simple role play or game. They can be comprised of realistic 2D and 3D images, redesigned video or simple graphics.
  • Mobile Learning or mLearning is designed for the next generation that is always on the go. It is not just eLearning on a mobile device. The material is specifically rendered and developed for mobile learning, requiring skillful design.
  • Gamification makes learning fun and was one of the hottest trends in 2016. It can be very useful in improving learner innovation and problem solving.
  • Microlearning utilizes mini content bytes (e.g. 5 minutes videos) made available to the learner to work into their busy schedule. It is typically accessed on multiple devices. It’s very popular with corporate clients.
  • Big Data collected through the LMS allows developers to improve and modify […]

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DAV Magazine iTRAK eLearning System Mention

The Disabled American Veterans’ DAV Magazine recently came out with a two page article covering the DAV iTRAK education system. DAV partnered with Illumen to bring this learning solution to life and we are proud to link to their article, which describes what DAV iTRAK is and how it benefits the lives of disabled American veterans.

You can also link directly to DAV’s digital version of the magazine (page 8): DAV Magazine – July/August

Cover photo from DAV Magazine

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Excellent Course… Best One since I began working here.
Learner, Survey
I enjoyed taking this course. It was well laid out and thoughtfully prepared. I learned a lot about our QA system and have a better understanding of why we do certain things.
Learner, Survey
Beautiful! Coolest thing I’ve ever seen come out of their shop!
This course is a good/ efficient way to conduct our new management training. It is much better than the old days of spending hours in a class room. Many thanks.
Learner, Survey
Very clean and applicable easy to navigate and professional. Excellent course (examples, commentary, industry relevant examples and insight into our leaders opinions)!!!!
Can I have the information of the vendor who developed this CBT (Computer Based Training)? Well done, thank you.
I’ve taken CBT (Computer Based Training) courses in the past, but I’d say this is one of the top courses I really enjoyed.
It was very clear, and by the style it was demonstrated, it kept my interest and allowed me to understand the material better. GREAT JOB to all who designed it!
Learner, Survey
I worked at _______ and did over 60 classes of online training and development classes. The quality and clarity of the this training system is a much better tool then what I have used in the past.

It means so much to us to hear from our clients and their learners that they have enjoyed taking our courses, and most importantly that they increased their  understanding and performance.



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Evanston, IL 60201

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