Welcome to Illumen Group!
Illumen is an eLearning and eMarketing company specializing in the development of engaging interactive solutions.

We develop memorable training solutions that educate, entertain, engage, assess, and analyze (all while staying within your budget). Whether you need custom development of learning modules, interactive tools or apps, LMS solutions, or 3D animations that help tell your story or explain your processes, we are your go-to eLearning and eMarketing company. We are always happy to discuss ideas, review RFPs, and provide quotes. Call or email us today!

Who is Illumen?

Illumen strives to be the best at defining visual learning experiences. We are experienced training development and delivery professionals who help guide our clients from the start of their project through implementation and deployment. We do this through a partnership with our clients, where we understand their needs, goals, and objectives, and then define the best solution. This solution is a combination of art and science, designed and programmed to be educational, engaging, usable, and memorable.
To name a few of Illumen’s key capabilities:

  • Custom HTML, HTML5, and Flash training modules
  • Articulate Presenter, Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and Lectora based training modules
  • SCORM/AICC compliance
  • LMS solutions and support
  • Instructional design, script writing, and storyboard development
  • Cross platform/mobile app development (PC/Mac/iOS/Android)
  • Training simulations & games
  • Video and 3D animation development
  • Info graphics & analytics
To create powerful solutions, Illumen must not only be up-to-date on technological advances, but be looking into the future, and driving future technology. We do this by pushing the envelope, involving ourselves with technology meetups and showcases, and being on the Internet. A lot. More than a lot sometimes.
We know how important it is to be available. With more technology at our fingertips than they had heading to the Moon, be assured that if you need to connect with us, you can. We enjoy talking and meeting with everyone we work with. The more we are connected, the less problems occur and the more ideas present themselves. So call us or email us anytime.

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820 Davis Street, Suite 520
Evanston, IL 60201

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The Wonderful Companies We Work With

We have developed training for everyone, from Fortune 100 and 500 companies to mom-and-pop shops and even individuals.

What Clients/Learners Say

Excellent Course… Best One since I began working here.
Learner, Survey
I actually enjoyed taking this course. It was well laid out and thoughtfully prepared. I learned a lot about our quality system and have a better understanding of why we do certain things.
Beautiful!  Coolest thing I’ve ever seen come out of our shop!
Customer, pharmaceutical Company
This course is a good/ efficient way to conduct our new management training. It is much better than the old days of spending hours in a class room. Many thanks.
Very clean and applicable easy to navigate and professional. Excellent course (examples, commentary, industry relevant examples and insight into our leaders opinions)!!!!
isaed, Imperio Theme
Can I have the information of the vendor who developed this CBT? Well done, thank you
From one client to another
I’ve taken CBT courses in the past, but I’d say this is one (AQC2079e Ver4) of the top courses I really enjoyed. It was very clear, and by the style it was demonstrated, it kept my interest and allowed me to understand the material better. GREAT JOB to all who designed it!
isaed, Imperio Theme
The quality of this training application is very impressive. I worked at _______ and did over 60 classes of online training and development classes. The quality and clarity of the this training system is a much better tool then what I have used in the past. Great job on making it real and easy to understand. Thank you
isaed, Imperio Theme

IOGraphica - 5.3 hours (from 8-56 to 14-20)
This graphic is a recording of 5 hours of mouse movements during the development of a learning module. Dark circles with white circles around them are clicks and the larger the black circle, the longer the mouse sat still (usually during programming). Art from technology!