Our eLearning and mLearning solutions help your curriculum, course, presentation, or product speak to your audience. We fuse instructional design, experiential learning, and technology together to create engaging solutions that are both educational and enjoyable. To us, the “e” in eLearning stands for more than just electronic, it also stands for educational, engaging, and of course, experience. These are but ingredients in our educational entrée.
Training should not be a bore. In fact, our research shows that it is really hard to learn while asleep. So we find ways to add energy to information, ways to challenge the learner, ways to express cause and effect, and ways to truly prepare the learner for what is in store for them past the learning module.

Whether you need professional or patient education, compliance or sales training, or learning content management, we are here to plan, develop, and measure your project. Contact us today to begin discussing how we can bring your project to light.

An LMS (Learning Management System) is usually a website-based system for Course Administrators and Trainers to manage users, performance, and content. It also provides a portal for learners to log-in, find and take the courses they need to.


SCORM is a collection of standards and specifications which allow a learning module to be “plugged in” to an LMS. SCORM “tells” the LMS things such as “Hey LMS, the learning module just started” and “Hey LMS, the assessment was just completed and the learner got an 83%”. When both the LMS and learning module are SCORM compliant, you know they will work together. Many tools output SCORM or AICC with a simple check of a box, and custom solutions can be programmed to be SCORM compliant. The developer just needs to know what is required.
Illumen strives to define ways to create powerful learning and training solutions that are within your budget. Illumen members have been producing eLearning and eMarketing for over fifteen years, and have developed processes and reusable programs that can reduce costs without minimizing quality. Connect with us and we would be happy to put together a quick quote.
Each project is unique. Some projects need to be ready based on training schedules, for trade shows, or for product launches. It is important that projects are planned, developed, tested, and run through our quality assurance (QA) processes. With the kickoff of each project, the project manager assigned to your project will define a schedule that gets your project done on time and on budget.

Types of Training

You may need a training module to teach managers how to manage employees and fill out/interpret paperwork or stay abreast of updated guidelines and procedures, a sales calculator that visually shows cost savings using your product over a competitors, or maybe even a 3D animation of how your product works and outshines the competition. Some of the types of training we develop for is:

  • New hire training
  • Compliance training
  • Sales training
  • Medical device showcasing
  • Management/leadership training
  • Safety training
  • CME and CE accreditation
  • Education preparation training
  • Process training

Samples of Our Work

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