illumen_image6Illumen is always excited to interact with the eLearning community both in Chicago, the US, and internationally. The many associations, conferences, and gatherings are pivotal to understanding technology, new educational approaches, and presenting our own methods for developing eLearning modules and tools. And it certainly doesn’t hurt to make many new friends along the way.

Recently, Illumen sponsored The Chicago eLearning and Technology Showcase, for the fifth time. We have presented our processes, methods, and showcased our work there and many other events around the country. Our membership with ASTD and other associations has kept us in the know for many years.

We do enjoy speaking about eLearning and all that goes into defining engaging modules and tools. Several times we have presented on the state of the industry and the future it has. If you would be interested in us speaking, please send us an email with a little info about your interests.