Even though it may be under the hood, the technology behind your project needs to be right for the job. With many companies thinking that the constant change in technology is a bad thing, we think of the advancements as allowing us to do more to bring projects to life, enhance the learner’s performance, and create an even higher return on our client’s investment.

Every project has different technical requirements. PCs, Tablets, and mobile phones all have different methods of showing information. You may need a SCORM compliant module to be uploaded to your Learning Management System (LMS), a Flash component to work with Articulate Presenter, a custom developed module in Captivate or Lectora, or even a stand alone website to present your interactive product. Perhaps you need an iPad or Android based app that requires HTML5. And we haven’t even talked about multi-languages yet… but when you need them, it is important that the solution handles them. Every project is different, but the end result needs to be the same; an engaging educational method of presenting your information.

Once we know your goals and objectives, we can recommend the technology that will make it happen.