Instructional animations and videos can tell a story in a way that text and photos cannot. 3D animations, video, and motion graphics can bring your content to life through a fluid explanation of your information. Animation and video, used individually or integrated together, can explain visually in 30 seconds, what text and images may take an hour to explain. Learning by watching is a key learning method, and one that Illumen uses often throughout our learning and marketing modules and websites.
  • Explain a detailed step-by-step process
  • Using the power of 10 concept, zoom in to show a magnified view of interactions, technological advancements, or chemical mechanisms of action
  • Cut-aways can show the inner workings of a product or the anatomy and how medical devices can interact
  • Stylized examples of concepts can increase understanding and decrease learning time
  • Animation can simulate a product, process, or concept that doesn’t currently exist


Instructional Animation Example:


2D & 3D Animations & Imagery

3D animations are created using software that allows us to make realistic looking animations or stills of a story being told. It can take the user deeper into a product, how it works, simulate problems, and cause and effect. It can be integrated with video, be made to look realistic or stylized, and be pre-rendered or real-time.
 Illumen can use CAD files or generate 3D based on imagery or schematics to create 3D geometry. Then the 3D geometry has settings applied to it to simulate pivot points, how the 3D can move, and interact with its environment. The geometry is then lit with virtual lighting, textured with images to provide textures and materials, and have desired effects applied. It is then animated within the program and the final files are output into a series of images or final video file format.
Illumen can work and create all types of file formats but prefers the following:

3D/CAD Formats:


Output Video Formats

Illumen can create all types of file formats but prefers the following:

Video Formats:
.MP4, .MOV, .WMV

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics bring an energy and a path through your information. They can showcase information at trade shows on big screens as well as express data in animated info graphics.
Many times our clients send us PowerPoint or PDFs with screen after screen of what they want displayed. We call these storyboards. Many more times we develop the storyboards for our clients, once we discuss the story, goals, and objectives. Our animators then tie your brand and the storyboards together to create images representing what key screens will look like during the animation. Once approved, the animators continue the process of animating. We then deliver the final animation, CD, or other specified format.
Illumen can create all types of file formats but prefers the following:

Video Formats:
.MP4, .MOV, .WMV

Video Production

Video is a great method for presenting new content and walking step-by-step through a process. Learners can follow process more clearly as the video visually represents exactly what is in store for them and often times in real time. A learner’s ability to picture themselves working within the environment, and using the tools available is a great experience builder.

Illumen can create all types of file formats but prefers the following:

Video Formats:
.MP4, .MOV, .WMV

Scribe Learning Animations

Scribe learning animations fuse art and information to create not only an enjoyable experience, but one that is memorable. Scribe learning takes a recorded audio presentation or narrated story and visually brings it to life. The audience watch an illustrator draw, in-time with the audio, visuals which represent key ideas, concepts, characters, scenarios, or other elements that detail the audio.
Video Formats:
.MP4, .MOV, .WMV

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