Developing for Training & Education

Knowledge is a big ingredient when it comes to our ideas and actions. It is the foundation to what we do, how we think, and how we interact. Knowledge is often applied through the presentation of materials, through self exploration, through mentoring, or through trial and error. I often times just screw up something real bad and learn my lessons that way. When developing educational or training based applications we tend to look at three key ideas involved with understanding and applying knowledge: developing state-of-mind, problem solving skills, and experience.

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RIApalooza Brings New Ideas to Developing Better Applications

RIApalooza is an annual meeting of designers, developers, managers, and creative professionals focused on the user experience and developing better rich Internet applications. This all day event  is driven by platform agnostic and PowerPoint-free presentations. Among the presenters are top technology developers and consultants from Microsoft, Adobe, Magenic, and Roundarch, to name a few. Their discussions involve theory and practices covering topics such as mobile applications, user experience principals, and social medias. These sessions conclude with an evening  meet and greet to network, ask questions, and continue discussions. And like last year, a free t-shirt for all those who attend!

RIApalooza is on Friday, May 8th 2009, downtown Chicago. Check out the RIApalooza website for details.

RIApalooza is sponsored by CD2, which is an Illumen sponsored user group focused on bridging the gap between design and development to create stronger, more engaging solutions and experiences.

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