Illumen’s David Charney Speaks at Google Day in Evanston

pressIllumen’s CEO, David Charney, was asked to speak on what Google’s upcoming high speed Internet connection could do for business innovation at Evanston’s Google Day press conference. Google recently asked cities around the United States to compete for their initial roll-out of their gigabit fiber connection, which would bring high speed Internet to homes, schools, hospitals, and businesses. Evanston, where Illumen is headquartered, jumped on the opportunity to respond to the challenge. Evanston has grown to be a city focused on creativity and innovation and would be a perfect location for Google high speed Internet. The Google Day in Evanston press conference, lead by Mayor Tisdahl, had representatives from NorthShore Hospital, Northwestern University, Evanston Township High School,  the Evanston Chamber of Commerce, and Illumen Group. Each discussed the benefits of having a connection 100 times faster than the current standard in the United States.

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Bringing Note Taking to eLearning – Part 1

notesGo into any classroom and you will see students taking notes. What do we do when we need to remember things? We write them down.  We all retain and gain our understanding of information differently and so we all take notes differently. So, with note taking being such an important tool in education and training, it is important that, as we move learning to the Internet, we have the tools available to allow us to take notes online.

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