Illumen’s New Reel

reelIllumen has updated our demo reel with a few new projects to show off some of our current work. We are excited and proud to show off what we have worked so hard on. We always strive to push ourselves harder and create better and better work that is always educational, informative, engaging, and flat out enjoyable to look at and fun to interact with. We are keeping busy so expect this reel to be updated again soon. Check it out!

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A Look at Personas

personas1When defining the best solution to any project, one step within the discovery process is the creation and use of personas. User personas are fictitious characters who represent unique groups of users. We use personas to understand how different groups of users will use a website and application. By focusing on how a persona interacts with a website, navigates to content and through content, understands and retains the content, we can begin to understand the different user experiences that occur. These user experiences must fulfill the goals, objectives, and needs. This step can also help determine new goals, objectives, and needs as well as limitations users may have.

It is a good practice to find two or three user personas and one or two administrative personas. But each opportunity is unique and can derive any number of unique persona. First we must understand the different user personas. To do this we must understand the audience(s). This can be done by talking with our clients, their audiences, defining surveys, focus groups, looking at demographics, and general research. A lot of specific information can arise such as (to name a few):


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A Great Learning Resource – Khan Academy

I have been showing off Khan Academy to friends for many months now and I must apologize for not pointing you all to such an informative and interesting site any sooner. If you want to refresh your skills in math, science, chemistry, economics, finance, history, physics… the list goes on and on, go to this site: Scroll down the page and be amazed at all the educational videos. This is a great resources for you to learn a few new things or refresh your memory, or for your kids to enjoy learning even the most complex of subjects in a fun way.


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