Lectora – A Quick Look and a Few Tricks

Lectora is an eLearning authoring tool that produces courses in web, SCORM, and AICC formats. Lectora, like its Articulate and Captivate counterparts, does a great job giving you a blank canvas to populate with your content. While there is a slight learning curve to development, anyone who is familiar with PowerPoint would feel comfortable creating pages (or Titles as they are called in Lectora), and publishing to SCORM, or AICC compliant formats.
Lectora Creates Websites
eLearning does not require SCORM/AICC compliancy to work with an LMS or help educate. Sometimes you need to present your content as a simple website. Lectora is different than Articulate and Captivate in that it creates what most people would consider a standard website, in that it is HTML based, rather than Flash based. In fact, you can use Lectora as a website creator to create a website with a menu, pages, and even some form capabilities. When you publish a Lectora file in a simple web format, it creates all the HTML, CSS, and Javascript – all the goodies that make a website work under the hood. While this can be helpful bringing your course to your website, be aware that editing the code […]