Flash and the iPad

ipad_iphoneMany of our clients currently use, and will continue to rely on Flash. Many companies already have a vast library of projects developed in Flash. Flash is still one of the top choices for developing more engaging and entertaining user experiences. With mobile devices becoming mainstream, some of the people we work with ask what they can do to continue or repurpose their educational content on Android and iOS, such as the iPad or iPhone based devices. With Android supporting Flash fairly well, we will focus this article on the iPad and the iPhone.

It is well known that an iPad or iPhone does not support Flash within the web browser and this raises a lot of questions relating to how mobile users can view this content. This is where Adobe AIR comes in. AIR can be used to output Flash content into an app that can be downloaded or purchased through the Apple App store or an Enterprise account. Some conversion may be needed if your course was created using an older version of Flash, or if the navigation or interaction points were better suited for a mouse then a user’s touch, but once this is complete, many Flash-based projects can be turned into iPad apps. This means that you may be able to take some of your Flash-based applications, even those that might need to connect to the Internet or database, and convert them into something a learner or sales representative can download to their device, just as they would download any other app. AIR can also output Android apps, although most Flash content will display on an Android device. Although Flash is here to stay […]