Thumbs Up On Evanston Maker Faire


Illumen is thrilled to see the Maker Faire get the thumbs up in Evanston, IL. This event, the first in the Chicago area, will be an exciting expression of technology meets art.

From the site:

Evanston Mini Maker Faire will be a day of Awesome, where Art, Technology, education and a little bit of theater meet.  A celebration of technology and the making of things.

Everyone is a maker, whether you like to cook, or use power tools. sew, program computers, use 3D printers and laser Cutters, or just like to work with your hands.

This is an opportunity to show and tell what you have been making in your garage, basement or dining room table and see what others have been making.


The Maker Faire will be Saturday Evening, August 4th, 2012 and Sunday all day, August 5th, 2012. Details at