Return on Investment (ROI) – Reduce Days, Reduce Costs

256x256_ROILive on-site training is still a very important, and often a very required element of training, even within a digital age. Flights, cars, hotels, facilitator costs, training rooms, materials, and food per person, per day, can begin to add up financially and cause your learners and facilitators unneeded headaches. So how can spending time and money on online training modules and tools create a return on your investment? By delivering your courses online, your audience has more efficient and convenient access to your unlimited digital materials. These materials can be designed to increase learner performance by creating a virtual environment for your learner to interact through knowledge checks and simulations… all while sending valuable course use and user data back to you. But what about when live training is a must? Leverage blended learning by adding an online training counterpart to aid your live training events. This will reduce the number of live training days by providing courses aimed at developing the learner’s understanding of the fundamentals and initial level of experience within your subjects. Illumen online courses have saved our clients over $3,500,000 in live training costs in the last two years.

Illumen developed an online training course for a new Johnson & Johnson medical device that took four days of live training courses down to two days. Not only was the learner entering the live training with a greater understanding of the device’s base level operations, but our training program kept track of where the learner had problems within knowledge checks and assessments, so the facilitators could focus some of their time on direct issues to assure the learners had a much more balanced level of […]

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