Illumen at the 2016 Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase

Illumen Group had a great time at the 2016 Chicago eLearning & Technology Showcase. Several from the Illumen team were there to be at our booth (happy to sponsor the event), present on eLearning, and sit in on a number of great educational presentations.

The eLearning Showcase had over 350 in attendance this year from Chicago and many surrounding areas.

We at Illumen are very proud of the article recently written by ATD (The Association for Talent Development) who covered the event. They say in their article (Variety Was the Spice of Session Program at 2016 eLearning & Technology Showcase):

One of the sessions with the biggest “Wow” factor was “Supercharging eLearning Design,” presented by David Charney of the Illumen Group.


David Charney then showed a sample that seemed to intrigue the entire room—an activity where the learner could move a camera over a background and zoom in and take photos of objects. Clicking the mouse produced both the sound of an exposure and a mock “photograph” with white border at the right edge of the background. At the room’s insistence, he showed how he created the activity in Storyline.

Natalie Sikes, an instructional designer with HPSI, gave the workshop equally high marks. “His example of moving the camera around—it was really cool to see how he did that,” she said, adding: When I go to these events, if there’s one great take-away, I feel it was worth it.”

Jay Yearley, an instructional designer at Telemedia, LLC, agreed, saying it was valuable seeing examples of how to design and visualize the eLearning screen based on the audience and material, rather than just advancing to the next screen.

The show had so many other […]

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One Course & 250,000 Learners

LEARNERS One of our courses recently hit the 250,000 learner mark and so we took a look at the common browsers being used through an LMS report. It is worth a note that most of these learners are in the corporate space and most are going to be within the United States.

Internet Explorer wins a piece of candy, with 92,139 learners. IE 11 is the most used with 76,000.

Chrome is not far off with 88,437 learners.

Safari and Firefox both have around 26,500 learners.

Edge, Microsoft’s newer browser to replace IE in Windows 10 has 14,013 learners. We assume this will go up-and-up quickly.

There are a number of other browsers used but only around 1,100 learners got their training on with them.  They include, Opera, Mathon, SeaMonkey, BlackBerry, Iron, and we are very happy to see Playstation 3 being recognized.

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