Illumen-Views: Looking at 3D From “All Sides” An Interview with Tony O’Dell

Illumen-Views: Looking at 3D From “All Sides”
An Interview with Tony O’Dell


Illumen-Views features interviews with experts from the world of custom eLearning.

We’re launching the series by addressing one of our eLearning capabilities that we are most frequently asked about – 3D animation.

To learn more about 3D, Senior Consultant Steve Harker interviewed Illumen founder, President, and resident 3D expert, Tony O’Dell.

Thank you for joining us today, Tony.

Thanks Steve, my pleasure.

Perhaps the best place to start is in the beginning. Tony, what is your background, and how did you start working with 3D?

I have always been an avid visual effects fan, and when I first saw Jurassic Park’s 3D dinosaurs I knew that’s what I had to do. So over 20 plus years ago I set out to learn how to do it myself. I found my passion in product and medical animations. They really appeal to my fascination with science and the world around us and how to communicate that in the most effective way to educate and train different audiences.

What defines 3D animation, especially for its use in eLearning?

Animation, motion graphics or anything else that moves needs to be well thought out to deliver maximum impact to the viewer. In eLearning this means getting often complex ideas across quickly and concisely.

What type of need does it typically address for our Illumen clients?

Usually these eLearning or training needs are based around the external or even internal mechanisms of a product such as micro-filtration, cell biology, or […]