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Illumen Group is proud to be known as an innovative leader in Storyline and Rise development, with a focus on both rapid development approaches and unique instructional and creative design experiences. Articulate is the creator of Storyline, the most used eLearning authoring tool, and Rise, a tool focused on responsive mobile training. Illumen has received several accolades from Articulate for pushing the Storyline envelope, defining ways to solve problems that are raised by many other developers. If you need a project created in Storyline or Rise, feel free to reach out to us to see how we can take your next project to another level.

Latest Awards & Accolades

Brandon Hall Award for Excellence in Learning
Articulate: Storyline Top 10 Most Inspiring Course
Listed in Articulate’s 8 Best eLearning Developers to Follow
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Our expertise in Storyline and Rise include the following:

We Meet You Where You’re At

You may have a storyboard that is ready to be developed, a Storyline template ready to be populated, a course to be built from scratch, or even custom interactions and knowledge checks you need created. Whatever your need, Illumen is always ready to meet you where you are at.

The better we understand your needs, the better approach we can develop to meet them. If you need a course quickly, if you want something more engaging, have a tight budget, want to leverage videos or have us build animations, we can work with you to instructionally prepare your audience.

Flash to Storyline Conversion

Connect with us today if you have Flash courses that need to be converted to HTML. We can upgrade your courses in Storyline so that they can continue to be available long after Flash is discontinued on January 1st, 2021.

Flash to Storyline/HTML Capabilities

Illumen’s Storyline & Rise Case Studies

Check out a few ways Illumen handles Storyline and Rise development to solve problems, enhance information, and provide better eLearning.

1 Rapid Storyline Development

Our client required an accelerated development timeline for several modules to meet a project launch date. They had a near completed storyboard but no creative design had yet occurred. Illumen’s instructional and creative team reviewed the storyboard and defined a series of knowledge checks that add engagement and knowledge application to the course. To determine a schedule that met expectations, Illumen created a user interface design that continued the client’s brand and was easily adaptable for different types of screen layouts and content population. Design guidelines were documented, allowing our developers to rapidly bring the storyboards and knowledge checks to life – all with enough time for reviews and delivery by the intended date. With the templates and layouts that were created, our client can now add to existing courses and build completely new courses internally.

2 Learning Journey

Storyline typically uses slide to slide navigation to lead a user through a course. Illumen often finds ways to minimize the Next button to create a tailored user experience, as was the case with this course. By using Storyline’s dials, Illumen created a rotating world that a user can move forward and back through, simply by clicking and dragging or swiping through the material at their own pace. The solution was a highly engaging experience that worked well on computers and mobile devices. For more information on minimizing the Next button, check out our eBook called Nextless eLearning.

3 Bringing the Story to Life

The Armstrong Air & Space museum wanted a kiosk to accompany their Gemini VIII space capsule and provide visitors more information about the mission and the capsule itself. Allowing this same kiosk software to be available on other mobile devices for educational purposes was also beneficial. Illumen used Storyline to create a visitor experience that is a multimedia journey through the entire mission. We used additional specialized software to lock down the kiosk, which keeps the users from closing out of Storyline and the web browser and accessing the operating system. This way we know the visitors are having the experience we intend. For more information, check out our case study on this project.

4 Rise Healthcare

Illumen created a Storyline based interactive simulation for Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital which allows the hospital’s nursing staff to problem solve the use of a specific product during life-threatening situations. This training also has a just-in-time component built in Articulate Rise. Rise allows the user to view the training in a layout that best fits their mobile device for optimum readability and navigation. Some elements created in Storyline were also embedded within Rise to enhance Rise’s capabilities and provide the healthcare staff with more interactive available information.

5 Little Things Make a Big Difference

When a client uses training to help healthcare personnel and medical residents prepare for their next opportunity, understanding the costs involved in joining or starting a medical practice or hospital is very important. With the user’s input and configuration, formulas calculate cost considerations that are real to their situation. For a small part of this course, it was necessary to have numbers in the format that the users would be most familiar with. Storyline does not have an option to add commas to numbers, and long numbers can be hard to read and relate to. Illumen was able to use JavaScript triggers in Storyline to automatically add commas to larger numbers during calculations.

6 Communicating Without an LMS

Our client has several Storyline courses that they had previously built but couldn’t distribute them the way they intended. As they don’t have a learning management system (LMS) that couldn’t collect user data. This data includes the user’s name, ID, test question responses, and the final assessment score and completion status. Not being able to collect user data was a huge technical hurdle that they had issues getting over. Illumen developed a very simple system in Storyline that collected data, created and formatted an email with this information, and emailed it to the course administrator. We also use this method to populate a database, to make reporting easier for our clients.

7 Translation & Localization in Storyline

Courses sometimes need to be available in different languages and for different cultures. Illumen can use Storyline and Rise to create experiences that are understandable by all audiences. This Storyline course has both English and Spanish versions embedded in a single SCORM file.

You have stories to tell, concepts to explain, processes that demand compliance, and products that need to be experienced.

Our award-winning development team adds energy and engagement to your information which challenges your learner to comprehend, apply knowledge, and increase performance. Let us know your Articulate Storyline and Rise needs so we can work with you to determine the best most cost and time-effective development approach.

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