The corporate trainer comes in for a new store opening. There’s manager training. A class is held for employees. Then perhaps shadowing is put into place for future needs. Everyone has been trained properly by this training professional. And training translates into consistently good service.

But then, as with almost every retail or hospitality location, turnover takes hold. Soon there are new employees at every level, sometimes shadowing someone who was new themselves just a few weeks ago and never finished their training. Perhaps new managers begin to look to seasoned staff for guidance, because they have yet to be trained. Each new iteration of staffing unintentionally pushes team members further and further away from the skills, policies and procedures that were so professionally taught during the store’s original opening.

Now think about eLearning. It’s typically built not by one corporate trainer, but through the vision of a team of professional subject-matter-experts. And once it’s built correctly, it is the same professional experience for every employee. The advantages of eLearning over traditional approaches are many:*

  • 60% faster learning
  • Consistent and very difficult to alter.
  • 5X the amount of information can be covered in same amount of time
  • With Gamification- scores are 15% higher and retention is 9% greater
  • It’s there when you need it for anyone who needs it (Tablets can even be mounted near work areas for step by step reference).

Combined with the strong training that comes with store openings, eLearning can keep your message and identity strong and consistent across all your services. That translates into a successful brand and better prepared employees!

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