eLearning templates serve as blueprints to build courses that are effective and professional looking, while insuring engagement for the learner through consistent high quality content and interactions. Here are just a few of the benefits for both designers and their clients for using templates.

Easy to Build or Update Courses.

Customized, reusable eLearning templates meet your design needs, from user interface design and image sizes to interactivity and functionality. You just have to import, copy and paste, add or remove without constantly recreating the wheel. Templates can make it easy by preparing for different page layouts, image and text treatments, and different interactivity that meets the different needs of your audience.

Saves Development Time and Cost.

Using eLearning templates make it faster and easier for your your designers to create eLearning courses, which translates into reduced future investment for you as a client. It also reduces the amount of time you need to spend reviewing and approving.


Uniformity is a vital part of any eLearning course. Templates provide a feeling of consistency for learners for both course architecture, navigation, and look and feel, and interactivity. A customized template is created for your company to also reflects your brand and culture.


As the client, the use of templates allows you to focus on content, not the time consuming process of building designs, programming and complex development for each new course.

Whether using already created templates or having custom templates created, we highly recommend spending time considering the best experience for your learner and the information they need to learn. Knowing this helps you determine a what template is going to lead to the best educational outcome.

Using  customized Templates is a win-win for both elearning providers and their clients. It especially  insures ease of updating, time, cost, consistency and  time for the client! Want to continue our discussion? Contact us and we’ll be happy to further “Illumen”-ate you further!