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Micro-eLearning: What, Why, and 7 Quick Tips

We take a quick look at what eLearning is all about and 6 ways you can micro your eLearning.

Flash to HTML Course Conversion

Flash training courses not working for your audience anymore? Tired of all the training support calls? Let Illumen help! Illumen has converted 100s of Flash courses and Flash assets into HTML5. Now audiences can view them again and even access them on their mobile devices!


10 Missed Questions for eLearning Stakeholders

As we begin each new eLearning project, there is information we’d like to request from our stakeholders. We want this information so we can create a project with results that meet and exceed the project needs. So, asking the right questions is essential. Of course, there are typical questions asked relating to any established performance requirements, needs analysis data, audience, and job-related information and procedures, to name a few.


Armstrong Air & Space Museum – Gemini VIII Kiosk

Gemini VIII was the first mission where two spacecraft docked in space and it was also the first time astronauts were forced to solve a life threatening emergency in space. The Armstrong Air & Space museum wanted a kiosk to accompany their Gemini VIII space capsule and provide visitors enhanced information about the mission, the crew, and the capsule itself.


Articulate Storyline & Rise Development at Illumen

Illumen Group is proud to be known as an innovative leader in Storyline and Rise development, with a focus on both rapid development approaches and unique instructional and creative design experiences. Illumen has received several accolades from Articulate for pushing the Storyline envelope, defining ways to solve problems that are raised by many other developers.


Illumen-Views: Looking at 3D From “All Sides”

We look at one of the tools we use to make product and medical training easier to comprehend – 3D.  Illumen’s Tony O’Dell answers our client’s frequently asked questions about 3D in eLearning.


Move from Flash to HTML5 – and Still Keep Your Super Powers!

Move from Flash to HTML5 – and Still Keep Your Super Powers! Last July, Adobe announced that Flash, the ubiquitous, super-powered website and elearning authoring tool will be phased out


Making the Move to eLearning

As a company starts to grow and expand, it requires an increasingly greater investment to bring instructors and learners together; whether they are your own employees, distributors, or clients.


eLearning: Make it Mobile Friendly!

Mobile eLearning seems nearly limitless!  It can happen anywhere at anytime. But is “what’s happening” truly engaging and memorable? It will be if you remember these tips!


We don’t want to bully the Next button. It did nothing wrong. We’re the ones who have caused its overuse. We just want to use the Next button to the
best of its abilities. We want to find out where it can truly provide a benefit to our users. And we also want to explore other approaches to eLearning that can lead to positive educational experiences.

We are often asked: “How does our audience navigate our courses without the Next button? How does the information build? How do they get to the end? And how do they learn?”

In this short eBook, we will look at what defines eLearning and the Next button, and we will establish better approaches to learning and training for your
audience—approaches that educate through interactions, exploration, challenges, situations, simulations, reflections, preparations, and, ultimately, experiences.

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The Disabled American Veterans’ DAV Magazine recently came out with a two page article covering the DAV iTRAK education system. The system provides on-the-job training, continuous training, and just-in-time training to the DAV team. DAV partnered with Illumen to bring this learning solution to life and we are proud to link to their article, which describes what DAV iTRAK is and how it benefits the lives of disabled American veterans.

The Interactive Training, Research, Advocacy, and Knowledge system, known as iTRAK, will make instructional knowledge of DAV’s NSO program accessible nationwide, according to…

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