Okay, so you’ve designed and produced an eLearning course that you know is a winner! Now what? It’s one thing to create it and another thing let your organization know it’s both available and necessary for their jobs. To “build the buzz” and make your project a success, here are a few techniques eLearning professionals utilize to spread the word about their eLearning courses and get them onto the screens of their targeted audiences.

Offer a Preview

All learners want a glimpse of what the eLearning course involves before they invest their time. Marketers offer teasers, or “free looks,” because everyone wants to try before they commit. Especially if it’s a manager or owner who’s committing the time of their team.  A teaser should show just enough information that it spikes interest, but not enough that their time becomes wasted. Leave the audience with a “that looks like something that I should know!” moment and always lead them to how they can take the course or when it will become available.

Give Them a “What If” That Peaks Their Interest

Picture a heading that reads “Suppose you could keep your organization from incurring $1,000,000 in warehouse damages? What could that do to your performance review?” Follow that up with a link to a course covering how meaningful it is to follow proper procedures and practices in the warehouse. That “What if” is much more engaging and powerful than a course description that states how safety saves time, effort and money for the organization.

Get the Training Endorsed

Learners will sign up if they know the course will deliver on its promise. Ask pilot learners and early adopters to write an endorsement or testimonial that you can post on your site. It also lets learners know they won’t be the “guinea pigs” who are testing it out.

Solve a Problem

What is a problem that keeps learners and their managers up at night? The problem they need to solve or overcome in either their professional or personal life? The answer to these questions are the topics learners want to know will specifically be addressed in their eLearning experience. You can find this information out by conducting surveys, interviews and focus groups.

What’s the Pay-Off?

The course title should let them know what they will get from the course. Both it and the syllabus should be specific, clear and concise. Give detailed information about the benefits and how they can apply them on their jobs.

Develop Your “Brand”

Learners must perceive your brand’s image as trustworthy and credible. Take the time to build a brand and then manage your reputation online. Ask learners to give you positive reviews. You want your brand to be the very definition of great eLearning.

Develop Expertise

Your goal here is to be THE person or team everyone turns to when they need information regarding your “niche”. This includes: being active on social media sites, joining eLearning groups (such as eLearning Locker), and  posting articles and tips on a regular basis. Becomes an expert in your field  that learners flock to when they need knowledge and/or skill set development.

These tips should help you promote interest in your eLearning courses and help achieve your learning objectives across all your potential audiences; whether they be you own employees, your clients, or your client’s customers!

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