Micro-eLearning: What, Why, and 7 Quick Tips

We take a quick look at what eLearning is all about and 7 ways you can micro your eLearning.

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Armstrong Air & Space Museum – Gemini VIII Kiosk

Gemini VIII was the first mission where two spacecraft docked in space and it was also the first time astronauts were forced to solve a life threatening emergency in space. The Armstrong Air & Space museum wanted a kiosk to accompany their Gemini VIII space capsule and provide visitors enhanced information about the mission, the crew, and the capsule itself.

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Articulate Storyline & Rise Development at Illumen

Illumen Group is proud to be known as an innovative leader in Storyline and Rise development, with a focus on both rapid development approaches and unique instructional and creative design experiences. Illumen has received several accolades from Articulate for pushing the Storyline envelope, defining ways to solve problems that are raised by many other developers.

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As a leading partner in the ever-changing world of eLearning, Illumen has established a strong presence with our clients and the community.

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