Project Description

Employee Warehouse Training Modules

CNH manufactures agricultural and construction equipment worldwide. Their largest parts and service depot contains over 500,000 part numbers and employs over 600 people. They strive to add efficiency to how they educate new and current employees relating to receiving,  shelving, picking, and packaging parts. Over time, they noticed employee performance was not aligning with their organizational goals.

CNH had several employee issues they wanted to overcome.

  • There was a very high annual turnover rate in new hires.
  • Processes were being followed fairly well but decisions associated with process exceptions were not always occuring as desired, leading to inacuracies when placing and picking parts and reporting part quantites.
  • Employees were getting much of their experience and skills packing parts in boxes while on the job. This can cause errors and requires extra help on the floor. CNH wanted some of this training to occur in the classroom.

Illumen spent a great deal of time working with CNH to understand their audience’s knowledge gaps, certain process misunderstandings, and decision skill needs. Training occured in a classroom which created a disconnect once employees tried to apply their knowledge to the actual warehouse environment. Illumen and CNH enhanced the training by providing more realistic simulations in the classroom and then live training in the warehouse. The simulations allowed employees to recall procedures and tasks, make decisions, and handle exceptions. A final simulation and question/answer assessment concludes each course.

This course has had wonderful response from both management, new hires and existing employees. Employee retention was increased at least 10%. The training department was asked by the warehouse staff what they were doing different. They noticed that new employees showed an increased level of experience as they began their jobs on the warehouse floor.

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