Project Description

CBDE Product Exploration Set
Cook® Medical

Challenge: Cook® Medical is a global company that develops health care devices for gastroenterology, endoscopy, urology, obstetrics, and gynecology. Their products are often distributed in box sets for easy access by surgeons. To better market their endoscopic sets, Illumen Group set out to create an easy-to-use interactive application that presents product features and benefits.

Strategy: Having worked with Cook® Medical on the SAGES Exploration training website, Illumen Group was familiar with the Common Bile Duct Exploration Tool Set. A strategy was developed to use interactive product imagery and specification information to present the set in an interactive web-based solution.

Solution: Illumen Group created a microsite to display each product found within the endoscopic set in a visual format that paralleled the physical box and its brand. A 3D endoscopic box opens to display internal products as they are packaged. From there, products are displayed on screen. Clicking products reveal product information and various photos. Illumen Group had photography done to capture the best product views.

Results: The interactive marketing piece provided an easy use product education tool that was scalable and could be delivered online, on CD-ROM, and on kiosks.