Project Description

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital EVD Training Course

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital healthcare workers go above and beyond every day to provide the best possible care to children in need. However, one of the medical devices they use, the external ventricular drain (EVD), is not in use every day, and it is very important that setup, sanitation, and procedure refresher education is available, so that children get the superb care Le Bonheur is known for.


Le Bonheur’s nursing staff uses external ventricular drains (EVDs) to relieve elevated fluid around the brain of children after an illness, trauma, or surgery. These devices save lives when used correctly. When used incorrectly, the results can be disastrous.

Le Bonheur recognized that their healthcare professionals, who do not use the devices every day and can have long periods without its use, did not have the comfort level required when the device is used with a patient.

Hands-on training with real medical devices for each healthcare professional, when needed, would take too much time out of their very busy schedules. The ability to have an on-call trainer who can deliver the same training each time, was also a hurdle. An online approach, delivered through their LMS, was preferred, however, Le Bonheur was unsure what methods could provide the hands-on approach that they were missing.


Le Bonheur teamed up with Illumen to find an approach that educated and engaged their nursing staff. To reach the quality level and educational goals that the staff consistently strives for, the following learning points were defined in an order that would lead to the highest understanding and retention:

  • EVD device nomenclature
  • EVD setup and assembly in a sterile field
  • Decision processes to recognize EVD problems and solutions
  • EVD maintenance
  • Case studies and situational exercises

To create a hands-on experience, Illumen developed a visually realistic environment with the look and feel of a common patient room at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. Clear visuals of the EVD and virtual EVD functionality further enhanced the hands-on-feel.

  • First, nurses would get a refresher on the components and assembly of the device.
  • Second, they would be educated on the most important medical processes.
  • Third, knowledge checks would confirm their understanding and make sure they were ready to move on to the next section.
  • Fourth, a series of interactive simulations would present a patient in a situation, and the learner would need to comprehend that situation, make decisions, watch as the patient gets better or worse, and then continue making decisions, including reaching out to additional medical staff.
  • Finally, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital provides the utmost quality in care for children and their families. Their brand, the way they present themselves, continues that high quality. It shows, and we wanted our design to reflect their brand. From the use of the Le Bonheur brand in the interface, to the environment mirroring an actual patient room and equipment, a Le Bonheur nurse will feel comfortable and at home taking the course.