Project Description

Morce Power Plus Assembly Training
Richard Wolf Medical Instruments

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Challenge: Richard Wolf Medical Instruments (RWMI) is a leading provider of endoscopic products. Their new product, the Morce Power Plus, must be properly assembled, disassembled, and sterilized between each use. There are several important steps to take during assembly to safely put together the instrument.

Solution: Illumen Group worked with Richard Wolf to define the steps and variations, including keeping the sharp blade under the protective sleeve, keeping rubber seals pointed in the correct direction, and connecting power at the proper time. Illumen Group created a realistic 3D animation showing each step with voice over narration. Once the user is familiar with the steps they must select each part and drag it with their mouse to the other parts in order for proper assembly. There is an option to assemble with help (on-screen captions that lead the user) or without help. The user continues the assembly process until they are prepared. A care and use section provides additional information, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and images.