Project Description

Touch Stain™ Software and Merchant Website
Touch Stain™

Challenge: Touch Stain needed to develop a software product to educate the dry cleaning industry, providing step-by-step instructions about the removal of more than 100 stains. This product would provide a tool for fabric and stain identification, including a Spotting School that covers tools, chemicals, and techniques. In addition, a merchant website for marketing and purchasing the touchscreen device was needed.

Solution: Illumen Group developed a system that creates step-by-step animations of removal procedures of more than 100 stains. Because this product was to be delivered on a touchscreen, Illumen Group worked with the Touch Stain team to select a resistive touchscreen PC that would allow dry cleaners working in very humid and hot environments while wearing gloves, the ability to interact with the software. The system provides a simple touch menu that can quickly drill down to a specific type of stain. The step-by-step animations were created in real time from a library of steps. Audio voice over narration reads the steps as the worker moves from step to step. This provides a very scalable system for future stains or edits to existing stains. The software works with an administration tool Illumen Group also built. This tool allows Touch Stain staff to keep track of customers and assign customers and serial numbers to touchscreen hardware. The software is encrypted and will not function if placed on additional computers. The software also has an automatic update system that checks for updates, downloads and installs them.