Project Description

Vehicle Driving Safety – Managing Hours of Service

The rules and regulations in the United States are complex and important to comprehend. Without them, the safety of the drivers and other drivers and passengers on and off the road are put in jeopardy.

To create a course that connected with the audience, mainly truck drivers and driver managers, Illumen first painted the picture of what can occur when rules and regulations are not followed. This was done using voice over narration tied to newspaper clippings that cover such results as loss of life, loss or product, and expensive fines.

We then instructionally determined a minimal approach to expressing the requirements through very clear illustrations. A micro-eLearning course was developed. This short course creates the foundation of core requirements the employees and managers need.

With over 250,000 customers being reached through truck deliveries, this micro-course is a necessity for onboarding and as a refresher.

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