Project Description

Vehicle Driving Safety – Managing Hours of Service

The rules and regulations in the United States are complex and important to comprehend. Without them, the safety of the drivers and other drivers and passengers on and off the road are put in jeopardy.

Illumen developed this micro-course to prepare truck drivers and driver managers with the rules, regulations, and expectations the industry has on them to be safe on the roads. This project begins with the reality of the situation. When safety requirements are not followed, loss of life, loss of product, and expensive fines can change the lives of those involved.

The rules of the road can become complicated and difficult to retain and follow. Illumen produced very distinct animated infographics to depict various scenarios and their associated driving requirements.

Through a short seat time and strong scenarios, we can make sure the audience stays focused and engaged as they make decisions related to their common situations. Further results can be understood through the reductions in accidents and road time data recorded through their driving systems.

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