Project Description

Sterilization Savings Calculator
Richard Wolf Medical Instruments

Challenge: Ninety percent of Richard Wolf’s products are autoclavable, or can be sterilized using an autoclave. Not only is this a better method and more cost efficient, but it also allows products to be stored over conventional sterilization which requires many products go right back into the operating room. Richard Wolf wanted to market this in a fun and memorable way.

Solution: Illumen developed a cost savings calculator that visually shows the products being autoclaved and stored over conventional methods. By adjusting a simple slider, the user can adjust how many products they want autoclavable. The calculator will adjust the cost savings on screen as it is determined using a formula running under the hood of this software. The animation will show in real time the parts heading to the autoclave rather than the other sterilization methods. There is also a catalog of Richard Wolf parts presented in this widget. This widget can be placed on a website, kiosk, or used at a trade show.