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Illumen Group is your eLearning Partner. For over a decade, Illumen has been engaging, educating, and preparing audiences.

We capture what others cannot, through leading edge Instructional and creative design to developing courses that apply knowledge and change behavior. We have a track record for addressing needs that cross all industries, modes, and types of eLearning - all while staying within your budget.

Latest Awards & Accolades

  • Articulate: Storyline Top 10 Most Inspiring Courses
  • Best eLearning Developer to Follow
  • Most Downloaded Storyline example project
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Custom eLearning Development

You have stories to tell, concepts to explain, processes that demand compliance, and products that need to be experienced.

Our award winning development team adds energy and engagement to your information which challenges your learner to comprehend, apply knowledge, and increase performance.

We have developed training across so many industries, including:

  • Healthcare / Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Education and Training
  • Financial
  • Goods and Services
We develop for all kinds of situations to educate and explain, to change behavior, to prepare and to present. Here are a number of types of training we are developing day-to-day:

  • Onboarding
  • Compliance
  • Leadership / Management
  • Customer facing (sales and service)
  • Product
  • Process

We work with our clients to determine the best learning technology to meet performance goals. A few common learning technologies we develop are:

  • Instructional Animations
  • Simulations / Scenarios
  • Gamification
  • Video
  • 3D
  • Job Aids
  • Micro-eLearning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Apps
  • LMS Compliance
  • 508 & WCAG Compliance

Services We Offer

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Course & Curriculum
Creative Design &
Video &
3D &

From Illumen’s Work Samples

Check out our latest projects! Here you can explore each project by reading about the challenges and solutions, looking at project images, watching video demos, or interacting with the actual project by trying it out yourself. We have many more samples from our many years of development. Let us know what you are looking for and we can send a few examples that relate to you!

Making a difference: Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital Training Program

Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital healthcare workers go above and beyond everyday to provide the best possible care to children in need. However, one of the medical devices they use, the external ventricular drain (EVD), is not in use every day, and it is very important that setup, sanitation, and procedure refresher education is available, so that children get the superb care Le Bonheur is known for.

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From Illumen’s News & Blog

We don’t want to bully the Next button. It did nothing wrong. We’re the ones who have caused its overuse. We just want to use the Next button to the
best of its abilities. We want to find out where it can truly provide a benefit to our users. And we also want to explore other approaches to eLearning that can lead to positive educational experiences.

We are often asked: “How does our audience navigate our courses without the Next button? How does the information build? How do they get to the end? And how do they learn?”

In this short eBook, we will look at what defines eLearning and the Next button, and we will establish better approaches to learning and training for your
audience—approaches that educate through interactions, exploration, challenges, situations, simulations, reflections, preparations, and, ultimately, experiences.

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The Disabled American Veterans’ DAV Magazine recently came out with a two page article covering the DAV iTRAK education system. The system provides on-the-job training, continuous training, and just-in-time training to the DAV team. DAV partnered with Illumen to bring this learning solution to life and we are proud to link to their article, which describes what DAV iTRAK is and how it benefits the lives of disabled American veterans.

The Interactive Training, Research, Advocacy, and Knowledge system, known as iTRAK, will make instructional knowledge of DAV’s NSO program accessible nationwide, according to…

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