Tools provide methods of expressing and interacting with information. Sometimes a specialized video player, unique simulator, an infographic, a more informative way to visualize data, or a tool that virtually puts a product into someone’s hand is needed to convey an idea. While many of our tools are integrated into eLearning or eMarketing modules, many more are stand alone tools that reside on websites, on kiosks, and as iPad or tablet apps. Tools, which are sometimes called widgets, have a key goal, which is to allow a learner to better understand an idea, navigate through information, comprehend cause and effect, and configure information or products.


Our Tool Solutions

Here are several types of tools we develop:

Interactive Challenges Assessments/Quizzes Content Holders/Slides
Video Players Chat Simuators Configurators
Process/Timelines Product Showcase Calculators
Interactive Games Interactive Animations Augemented Reality
Infographics Audio


Samples of Our Work

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Every project has different technical requirements. PCs, Tablets, and mobile phones all have different methods of viewing information. Learning Management Systems (LMS) have different requirements such as SCORM or AICC compliance, Flash or HTML/HTML5 restrictions. Some client’s don’t have an LMS in place and don’t need one. Occasionally the eLearning or eMarketing project needs to run on a kiosk during a trade show. As you can imagine, technology is an important element to the availability of a learning module, how the audience interacts with the information, and how administrators review analytics.
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